Income Tax Assessments – CRA Meeting Update

We are pleased to report that a meeting with the CRA has now been confirmed for Thursday April 26, 2018. Six CRA officials including two from Ottawa will join Business Managers and Representatives of the Building Trades for a round table discussion. In attendance for the Boilermakers will be Business Representatives Jordan Streng and Rob Kappel. An update will be provided after the meeting.

Burnaby/Sumas Mountain Tank Farms

On April 12, 2018 members of the Bargaining Council were invited to a meeting with representatives of Kinder Morgan to discuss the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project and related work in Burnaby and Sumas. Kinder Morgan has chosen Kiewit-Ledcor TMEP Partnership as their EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor. This project like many others we see today is touted to be an open managed site, very similar to Site C where Union, non-union or alternative unions work on the same job site. The meeting was primarily held as an information meeting with Kinder Morgan wanting the Building Trades to know that there would be an opportunity for Union contractors to bid on all available work and that several packages have already been let to Union contractors.

Of interest to the Boilermakers is the two tank farms. Kinder Morgan reported that they intend to build a total of fifteen tanks and demo one of the older existing tanks. Fourteen of the fifteen tanks are to be built on Burnaby Mountain, the other on Sumas Mountain. The tanks were described as 150 feet plus in diameter with a total storage capacity of about 5.5 million barrels of oil.

As you probably know by now, Kinder Morgan has put a halt to all non-essential work on the project. A deadline of May 31, 2018 has been set for the British Columbia government to guarantee that work can proceed unabated.

We will keep you updated as more information comes available.

Income Tax Assessments Update

On the morning of April 10th during the Bargaining Council meeting, Business Representative Jordan Streng was invited to speak to the Council regarding the recent flood of tax assessments that the members of the Boilermakers and other affiliated Trades have faced in British Columbia. Please be aware that we are not the only Province in this predicament, this affects all Canadians in similar circumstances.

Brother Streng reported that he had been approached by a senior CRA official from the Vancouver office and that official was requesting a meeting to discuss our concerns. The Bargaining Council was very receptive to Brother Streng’s report and have asked that he contact this official again in order to make arrangements for a face to face meeting with Business Managers and Business Reps from all crafts.

We will update this post once a meeting date has been arranged and will also report the outcome of the meeting.

Boilermakers Annual Fishing Derby

On February 12th, 2018 the Boilermakers annual fishing derby was once again held on the Vedder River in Chilliwack, B.C. In attendance were around 25 avid fisherman who braved the very cold temperatures for their chance to become this year’s winner.  Lodge 359 congratulates member Ian Biela whose catch weighed in at 7lbs 3oz to become the first winner of the derby in 3 years. The Boilermakers would also like to acknowledge the sponsors of this year’s derby which include Sea-Run Fly and Tackle, Cabelas, and CIMS for their generous donations to help make this year a success.

A special thanks goes out to Rob McCormack, Jason Swetlikoff and Jordan Streng for their efforts in arranging and organizing the event. We look forward to next year’s derby and encourage everyone to come out and enjoy a day on the river.


John Hart Dam Video

Please click here to view the Wide Awake Films production at the John Hart Dam.

Income Tax Assessments Opinion Letter

On Wednesday March 14th the Union met with Lewis & Company, a chartered professional accounting firm in Vancouver to seek an opinion on the tax assessments that the members are receiving from the CRA. The meeting resulted in an opinion letter being drafted for our members use. The letter will be mailed to all active field construction members and a copy posted on the website, please click here to view.

Our next step is that we have requested the Building Trades Council convene a special called meeting to discuss a path forward for all Unions. We were in touch with the President of the council this afternoon and can advise that our request for a meeting has his support. The results of the meeting will be reported on the website as details become available.

Health & Welfare Plan Improvements

The Health & Welfare Plan Trustees recently added upgrades to the Plan’s vision care section, please click here to view the member letter.

Job Ready Dispatch – Attention All Active and Retired Construction Field Members

Please be advised that the in lieu of waiving the JRD requirements for retired Construction members, the BCA has agreed to reimburse training costs the same as for active members.

Regarding the Quantitative fit tests. Fit tests should be completed for both the North and 3M half and full face masks. The North masks are the 7600 and the 7700. The 3M masks are the 6000 and 6500.

A list of training centers is provided for on the Apprenticeship and Training page, please click here. The list will be updated if new providers are found.

Rumour List

The 2018 Rumour List has just been updated.

Please click here to view.

Sample JRD Certificates and Receipts

It is appreciated that members have started submitting their JRD certificates and receipts. It is very important to note that the certificate and the receipt must be clear and legible, also, each item must be scanned or photographed individually. Below are a few examples of how they should be submitted.

To submit your copies by email please send them to Jamie White –

Thank you