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International Brotherhood of Boilermakers - Lodge 359

A journeyperson boilermaker is a tradesperson who must possess the full range of knowledge, abilities and skills required to fabricate, construct, install, assemble, erect, demolish, repair and maintain a wide variety of vessels, tanks, towers, boilers, hoists and other structures, ancillary equipment and fixtures made of steel, other metals, fiberglass, and other materials. The broad scope of the boilermaker trade includes the construction and maintenance activities performed in the field and in industrial and commercial plants such as

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Steward Dues Reimbursement

Attention all Stewards (Field and Shop) Please be advised that if you qualify for Union dues reimbursement for the 2015 calendar year then your application must be received at the general office no later than Tuesday December the 15th. Dues applications received after December 15th will not be processed. Stewards can find the application form on […]

Upcoming Training Courses

Apprentice upgrade courses for Level 2, 3 and 4 are scheduled for the beginning of 2016, letters will be mailed out to Apprentices in early October. Class schedules are as follows; Level 4 Upgrade, January 4th until January 15th at the Joe Kiwior – Ivan Shook Training Centre. Level 2 Upgrade, January 18th until February 19th […]

Website Forms

If you haven’t had the chance to find everything on the website yet here are a few tips. Apprentice Progress Reports are now available in PDF as well as an online fillable form format that you can submit through the website. You’ll find these Apprentice forms by first starting on the “Home” page, then by […]